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Rihanna & Chris Brown LQ Issues (Spoiler)

rihanna_chris_brown2Yesterday, I was surprised when I browsed on the Internet about the reconciliation between Rihanna and Chris Brown after the violence incident. Many fans were disappointed why Rihanna wanted to return back to Chris Brown. It was turning out to a drama for those two RnB artists for no particular reason. Others are giving them a chance to unite once again. Actually it’s a crazy love affair for them.

Rihanna must move on from traumatic experience. However, Chris Brown apologized her for his mistakes. I think Rihanna made a wrong move to go back Chris. Maybe that incident happen again. I’m not wondering for their affair but why she did?

It happend when Chris Brown made a serious trouble against her girlfriend inside the Lamborghini last February 8. He was arrested by the police for felony and domestic violence. Few days later, TMZ released an image of Rihanna’s face with bruises to the public. According to the LAPD, it was an image of a victim of domestic violence, maybe it’s not Rihanna, and it should be confidential for investigation. Chris Brown and Rihanna made their statements on reconciliation to the public. Their fans are either happy or just annoying from their thoughts. Until now, the case for Chris Brown was not yet raised to the District Attorney for possible prosecution.