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Txtr reader: A New e-Reading Concept

reader-thWizpac Ltd. launched a brand new e-reading paper called “txtr reader” during the CeBit Technology Fair at Hannover, Germany. Txtr reader is a lightweight device to read any literature contents.

Those contents are coming out in high resolution, even looks like printed paper because of eInk technology. eInk allowed them to build a reading device that is better than printed paper. Also, it aligns the black and white pigment particles in the electromagnetic field. The battery life will take in weeks instead of hours. It is friendly user. You can navigate that content. Also, you can transfer any document format like HTML, PDF, Office, ePub and others to txtr reader in Bluetooh, WiFi and USB port. Also you will receive the document in 3G/GPRS transmission and you will navigate it.

Txtr reader will be your friendly reader. You don’t need to carry a thick book. The weight is just only 260 grams. The screen is just only 6″ at 600×800 pixel. It has a slider interface while switching for the next page. The memory size contains 64MB SDRAM onboard and 8GB MicroSD card included in the MicroSD card slot.

The release of txtr reader planned at the 3rd quarter of 2009.