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Brief History of Televison (from CRT to LCD)

Television is one of the most important communication tool by just watching information and entertainment stuff in front of your screen. Also, it transmits moving images and sounds. The evolution and development of television continues for more than 80 years and counting to improve the technological innovation for the future.

The experiment began in 1925 when John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor, demonstrated the transmission of moving silhouette images. The scan rate was at 5 frames per second. Baird continued to improve that experiment until it reached 12.5 frames per second and over the air transmission between London and Glasgow in January 1926. Other scientists like Herbert Ives of USA and Leon Theremin of Soviet Russia made their different pre-television concept. In 1928, General Electric of USA initially released a “television” model called “Octagon”. Octagon was a mechanical set instead of electrical and the size of screen was just 4 inches. In the same year, Baird Model C released that same concept by Baird.

Before the World War II, the first electronic TV was developed. Commercial televisions of their companies were initially sold to US, UK, Germany and Russia. Other countries followed during and after the war. In late 40s, the cathode ray tube applied and the size of the screen increased to 7″.  Around 1950s, the “fishbowl” CRT tube came out in the market. That design was existing until now. From black and white screen, it turned out to a colorful viewing and the additional application using remote control. In mid-90s, projection television came out in the market. The screen size of that television is wider and the bulk size was slimmer. In 1997, plasma television technology introduced into the market and it became popular. In 2005, CRT was almost dead in terms of production and the advent of LCD (liquid crystal display) emerged. The width of the television was even slimmer to just only 2-3″. Sony introduced the first full HD screen, where HDTV was born. Afterwards, Samsung introduced 100Hz frame doubling technology. The purpose is to smooth out the motion blur and shakeness.

Thinner width of television, lower power consumption and greater resolution of the screen. These are objectives to improve more the quality of television nowadays.