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Left 4 Dead

left4deadLeft 4 Dead is a brand new interactive shooting game to attack zombies around the corner. It’s a combination of movie and gaming concept. The graphic of that game became more realistic and awesome! Also, you can cooperate up to 4 players for a bloody battle. Single player can do but you felt like practicing the game.

The story of 4 human who were immune to zombie virus and they’ll battle against zombies for their salvation. Those are: Zoey, a young woman; Bill, the grizzled veteran; Louis, the middle-class office worker; and Francis, the biker. They’re armed with weapons.

You have 4 scenarios to prepare. You can finish the whole scenario in 20-30 minutes if you’re in normal mode. But in higher difficult play, you will beaten by zombies easily. It will start over again or the last safehouse you reached. The good thing is you can play those scenarios repeatedly. For the Versus mode, you can fight out with your players for a competition. Either human or zombie will rule for the bloody match. The most number of points will win.

Left 4 Dead is an excellent combination of Hollywood action-horror flick and gaming experience. It is a superb multiplayer action that you will make fun. However, it’s not suited for the weak hearts to fight hard.