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No pistachios for the meantime

The Food and Drug Administration (or FDA) warned consumers not to eat pistachios because of  possible content of salmonella.

Another scary news broke out about pistachios yesterday. After the milk scare last year, now pistachios is next. So I had to stop buying pistachios for the meantime until the salmonella scare is over. I really know why the recall issue came out suddenly.

Roasting is the best process to kill microorganisms for pistachios. Make sure that packaging process is clean. The facility is free from rats, mice or birds because those animals can carry diseases and transmit into foods like pistachios then to human. The consequence of taking a food with salmonella is diarrhea, fever and cramping. It is life-threatening for people with weak immune system, specially for children and elderly.

That recall issue was alarming for our food that we take. Food industries must be neat in packaging and the facility to store nuts properly. Also, hygeine is very important for the food industry employees for the benefit of safety of consumers. Sanitation is a big factor to maintain cleanliness of food processor or packager.

For us, as consumers, it’s an isolation problem. I hope that issue will resolve as soon as possible. Let’s try other nuts like almonds and hazelnut instead of pistachios. Always check the exact expiration date to know and be wise in choosing the product.