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Pizza Hut Craving Experience

3_pizzasLast weekend, my friends and I decided to order 4 super supreme pan pizza, 3 buffalo burnin hot chickens, 8 liters of pepsi, 3 taters and 3 Hershey’s chocolate dunkers at Pizza Hut online for delivery. One of my friend, Fernando, brought some red wine. The occasion was my friend, Gabriel, celebrated his departure party. He was scheduled to fly possibly next week to Tokyo for his technical mission.

I can’t resist those foods that we ordered at Pizza Hut despite our last gathering with Gabriel. It was our special meal that night. I used to skip my dinner to make way for the farewell party. We were satisfied for the pan pizza that we ordered but one of my generous friend ordered 2 pizza again! Our belly felt started to grow because of eating too much all ordered stuffs.

I like the stuff of super supreme pan pizza everytime I chew it. It’s the combination of ham, pepperoni, beef, Italian sausage, red onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and black olives at the top, which you can’t resist in biting. I forgot already how many slice of pizza that I took. My mouth was so hot because of buffalo burnin hot chicken but it’s still delicious. It tastes like mashed potato if you take taters. It’s crunchy. For Hershey’s chocolate dunkers as our dessert, it’s truly tempting if you’re chocoholic. Just grab the stick and dip it with chocolate sauce. I was wondering the taste of hershey’s chocolate dunkers, which it’s so hard to explain about the unique sweetness of chocolate. All I can say, it’s a terrific food that you can’t resist but be balance in eating that we take.