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Movie Reaction/Spoiler: Confessions of a Shopaholic

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLICWhen I watched a movie called “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, it’s a nice romantic movie. From the beginning to the end of the story, it makes me sensible. It’s a combination of relationship and materialistic that surround in the world of Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fischer). Always be honest and true to someone when you’re facing a debt. Don’t be in vain or else it’s a big shame in your humanity and for someone. Actually it’s a lesson for us is to become economical in time of financial crisis.

Here’s the story from my own words. That movie revolves a story of Rebecca Bloomwood, certified shopaholic and journalist who was nearly loosing her job. She loves to buy precious clothes, shoes and bags. However, she fell in debt in about $16,000+. On the way to Allette magazine for interview, she wanted to buy a green scarf for $20. Instead of Allette magazine for interview, Rebecca headed to Successful Savings magazine to meet Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy) for interview. The debt problem was still unsolved for Rebecca and her best friend, Suzy (Krysten Ritter). Ms. Bloomwood’s started to write an article about financial issue until her succesful writing, “The Girl In The Green Scarf”. Luke and Rebecca made a good friendship. Despite her popularity in article, Derek Smith (a credit investigator) hunts for Rebecca on her debt issue. In her television appearance, Mr. Smith revealed about her debts and lying. Rebecca was broken and very disappointed. With the help of her parents and her fellow former shopaholics, Rebecca decided to sell her expensive items, including the green scarf, in order to pay her debts and to take back her reputation in public. When Suzy and Tarq’s wedding ceremony started, Rebecca and Suzy are finally reconciled. Luke and Rebecca had reconciled also.