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The MacBook Wheel: A New Laptop Concept?

macwheelaz5The Onion News Network came out the news about the new concept of laptop made by Apple. It’s so called “MacBook Wheel”.

That laptop is composed of only a sensitive click wheel. Just spin it, and click it on the center. You can browse everything and encode in a new twist. It doesn’t use the keyboard. It looks like an iPod. According to one of the Apple representative said. “Everything will just be a hundred clicks away…”

Now, IT critics are not happy for the revolutionary computing concept. But for the Macintosh fanatics, they amazed for the new hardware concept. But think again! There so many disadvantages about MacBook Wheel.

It wastes time for typing words or sentences to compose for a document or email. Also, you will experience difficulty in finding your files instead of opening the “Search” to find a filename. No drag and drop feature on MacBook Wheel for transfering of file. What if there’s a trouble in your computer. For example, there’s a virus in your MacBook Wheel or there’s a problem in computing operation. Unlike Windows or Mac hardwares, MacBook Wheel gives you more headache and time consuming in computing!

In checking the Apple Macintosh website (, that product is not yet available or released in the market.