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World’s Unfamiliar Laws

Eat your chewing gum, do the French kiss at the train, driving without your shirts or wear your bathing suit. There are some places that they will caught you for some reasons. To avoid these troubles when you’re going to a certain place, here are the laws in their countries that you should know and to be careful.

1. No Feeding of Pigeons (Italy)

In Venice, there are pigeons flock at the park as additional attraction. Giving food to pigeons by tourists is not allowed. When you caught, the officials or policeman will reprimand you. Fines can reach up to $600 but not more than $50 or $60 if you want to pay quickly.

2. Stopping on the Autobahn (Germany)

While you’re driving along the highway, your car runs out of gas to stop at the side of the highway. Another, you tried to walk along the highway to find the gas. All of these are illegal! Your penalty is just under $100.

3. Driving Without Shirt (Thailand)

You experienced sweat on a humid place. Then you’re going to remove your shirt while you’re driving a car or motorcycle. The consequence is a you’re going to pay the penalty fee of around $10 when a policeman caught you’re driving shirtless!

4. Paying in Pennies (Canada)

Canada’s Currency Act of 1985 was implemented, where there’s a limit on paying endless coins, including penny. Never use those small coins when you’re going to buy at $1 or more. The seller wants you to get out and the transaction is automatically denied!

5. No Kissing at Train Stations (France and England)

In 1910, kissing on those French railways is prohibited. How about in England? The truth is, nowadays there’s no penalty for smooching in those countries except in Warrington Bank Quay at northwestern England. Folks will ask you politely to move out to the designated kissing place.

6. Driving a Dirty Car (Moscow, Russia)

Exempted to Moscow police for that one-of-a-kind law regarding those cars. The police will caught you if he found your license plate was dirty because he can’t read that. You will receive the ticket. It’s okey to pay the penalty at $100 in front of an officer in a politely manner then go on!

7. Wearing the Bathing Suit (Grenada)

Local police in Grenada can spot those tourists who were wearing bathing suits. There’s a fine for that violation and supposed to wear jeans.

8. Driving While Headlights are Off (Denmark)

According to a law in Denmark, always drive with headlights on to prevent further accidents on the road. If you violated, you will fine under $100.

9. Chewing Gum (Singapore)

The government of Singapore teaches tourists and folks to maintain tidiness. There are some violators may face a trouble, such as spitting, non-flushing of public toilets and feeding birds, and they’ll pay huge fines. One of them is eating chewing gum. The fine is $100 a ticket. Be cautious and alert at all times while enjoying your stay. Be aware about laws or rules when you’re there.