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Kristen Stewart (knowing the update)

kristen-stewartAccording to as of January 7, 2009, Kristen Stewart was nominated for “talented young people of the month” at The other four nominees are: Joel Defries – Presenter on Blue Peter; Eliza Hope Bennett – Actress and star of the film Inkheart; Robert Pattinson – Actor and star of the film Twilight; and Alexandra Burke – Winner of the X-Factor 2008.

The criteria of the mentioned website is based on their talents that they excel in a movie or television. It was based by the voters who would prevail for that category. The result of that voting was Robert Pattinson (who portrayed as Edward Cullen of Twilight) dominated in that category. Kristen (also from Twilight and she portrayed as Bella Swan) fell second place.

Possibly there’s a second Twilight movie called “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”. Maybe Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are going back to action. Also, there’s a new production may set for Kristen. It’s called “K-11”. Let’s wait when they release in theaters and we’re excited about a new Twilight movie.

Kristen Stewart became famous when she appeared in Twilight movie. But before that, Kristen appeared in a movie entitled “The Safety of Objects” in 2001 where she portrayed as Sam Jennings. The following year, Kristen accepted the role of Sarah Altman in a thriller movie “Panic Room” where Jodie Foster lead the role. When “Panic Room” became a successful movie, Kristen was quickly hired to do a movie along with Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone. It’s so called “Cold Creek Manor”. She rarely receives some projects until her fame in Twilight movie.