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The Power of Youtube

youtube-logoYoutube is very popular video website in the world. Those are uploaded videos or clips. Youtube users contribute talents, evidences, moments, slideshows, recorded videos from TV or movie (sometimes they deleted those videos from unauthorized distribution)… anything as you want to share for all. For videos containing offensive content, it’s available for ages 18 and above. Video pornography, defamation and gore are prohibited by Terms of Service. Videos from Youtube can embed in their blogs to share. You can share your comment or reaction about a video that you saw. You’re going to judge independently by giving them a positive or negative remark. It is a tool for fame or shame.

Youtube started in early 2005 by 3 former PayPal employees.  On November 2005, it was officialy launched to the public and 65,000 new videos were uploaded everyday. There’s a big impact to the society about Youtube. Simply upload their videos and they can watch them in few minutes. From any video format file, you can upload and convert into Adobe Flash Format at the maximum capacity of 10 minutes and/or 100MB of video content.

There are some critcisms facing on Youtube such as copyright infringement, privacy and inappropriate contents that irated by media owners. Sometimes, media owners sued against Youtube. That Internet video tool was on conflict because of sensitive issues throwing by individuals, ethnics or media owners. Youtube made an action against users who uploaded sensitive or recorded videos from TV or movie.

Until now, people are enjoying to watch Youtube video contents until now.


When you are highly interested in geography, it’s time to discover the terrains of their countries. That’s what you called “wikimapia” (The website: The purpose of that website is to explore the outlook of those terrains around the world. All information are included to point out the countries, locations, and cities… even on buildings, houses and streets! Those images shot by NASA at 2,000 feet up to 20,000+ feet above the ground.

Unlike other old-fashioned geographical maps can be found in books, pamphlets or guides, wikimapia will view a real-life terrain, even under the sea. You’re going to adjust the zoom from the farthest until the nearest using the scroll of your mouse or control the pane. You can navigate those locations around the world by dragging. You can trace possible routes on-line. Also, you can find your home, your office building, your restaurant… everything that you can see! You will also label a place if you found a single foundation. Make sure that information is correct.

You will amaze that website. It is an effective tool in finding a place or path. It will be your traveling guide on the outlook of your expected destination to navigate. Also, you may ask to someone if there’s a missing destination or a place based from wikimapia to travel for additional info.