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St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday, it was the feast day of St. Patrick but it’s not an official holiday for Irish and non-Irish community. Although, I’m a half-Spanish (from Spain) and half-American but I respect for that activity. I used to wear something green as my outfit if I go outside. If I have a free time, I watch parades on a street in Los Angeles. All I can say, it’s beautiful!

It’s a fun gathering to celebrate St. Patrick. My friends, my cousins and I went to the carnival for excitement. After that, we went to an Irish pub called “Irish Times” at Motor Avenue. We enjoyed a couple of Guinness beer with some Irish food stuff like Fish and Chips, Nachos, Onion Rings and Irish Beef Stew. That night happening was so cool. Live bands performed at the middle of the night and I can shout at the top of my lungs. Totally entertaining despite the “Irish Times” was crowded.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of a splendid celebration for all Irish and non-Irish people. It’s their way they celebrate an Irish saint. When I researched thoroughly about the life of St. Patrick, shamrock plant symbolizes the Holy Trinity to the non-Christian Irish folks. Also, it symbolizes the Irish nationalism or loyal to the Roman Catholic faith.