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Too Much Heaven (Explained)

When you hear the music of “Too Much Heaven” by The BeeGees (or even revived by US5, Nylons, Winans Phase 2 or Jordan Hill), it’s plesant to hear a music. You’re thinking of a beautiful bliss. I understand that lyric, it sounds passionate coming from your heart. You can remember the happiest moment in your life.

This song emphasizes the inspiration for your loved ones.  It is a great desire that we commit ourselves. Not money or any materialistic thing, just our hearts that we found a true love.  A harmony that we aim our dreams that might come true.

I wonder that lyrics made by Gibbs brothers. Their sweet words came out from their hearts. You will feel lighter unexpectedly. It’s like praising to God. You will notice that we utter the great happiness and joy when you came in your life that someone will love you. Actually you surpass all trials that you take then you reach the goal that you obtained. Imagine, you’re going to climb the highest mountain in the world. When you’re at the top, you reached the best goal in your life, which is love. You will satisfy for your efforts that you surpass. Love can conquer above all things.