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transformersgroup1984When I was a kid (around 1984), I watched Transformers after our school. It’s a great battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. I was thinking about Optimus Prime, which he was a great hero. For Megatron, I felt bad for him. Sometimes, if I miss any episodes of Transformers, I asked to one of my neighbor to borrow the betamax tape of recorded Transformers episodes and a 2-hour movie included. When my parents bought those Transformer toys for me, I was so excited. Instead of my collection, I used to imitate for what happend between the battle of 2 groups in Cybertron and in Earth. I still remeber the command from Optimus Prime to the Autobots group and said, “Autobots, transform!”

For succeeding Transformers series on TV, they mixed up between American and Japanese animation (called “anime”).  The intensity of action heated up and more characters added. However, I gave up watching Transformers because of my poor studies.

20 years later, the new Transformers movie came to life when Michael Bay, director of Pearl Harbor and Armageddon, made another excellent movie. I watched that movie. It was not a 2D animation or 3D animated stuff. It was a CGI animation. It looked like realistic movement of a robot but still, it was computer generated. I was still amazed!

Right now, I’ll wait for the latest Transformer movie called “Revenge of the Fallen” until June this year.