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Hints about Sony PS3 announcement

sony_playstation_3On March 31, Sony will announce worldwide regarding the PS3. Playstation 3 enthusiasts are circulating rumors about that announcement. No leaks found while I’m searching for details of spreading news. Let’s enumerate what are the hints (only in my opinion or guessing but don’t criticize about this):

1. Sony Playstation 3 may cut the price at $99 (?). Commonly what gamers say. The sales of PS3 were somewhat bad because customers can’t afford to buy PS3. It would be a strategy to attract gamer enthusiasts to purchase PS3 to regain the market. Maybe the same for PSP and PS2.

2. Possible upgrade of firmware or components (?). Despite the excellent graphics for PS3, there would be some changes or improvements for hardware and software.

3. Possible recall of PS3 (?). Maybe there’s a possible defect to one of the components of PS3. Until now there’s no news knew about the PS3 bust or hazard to gamers.

4. Possible integration of PSP and Sony Ericsson or other inventions to release in the market(?). Maybe there’s some endless innovation produced by Sony for launching a concept to integrate for PS3. The slimmer version of PS3 may launch.

5. Possible nightmare for Sony employees (?). In the wake of financial crisis that struck worldwide, fears and anxiety are the emotion from the employees of Sony. They’re facing uncertainity that lies in the future of the leading Japanese electronic industry. Families of their employees may affect their lives.

6. Possible slowdown of PS3 production (?). Sony may slowdown the PS3 production because of low orders worldwide, which affects the economic crisis.

These 6 answers are just guessing game but not proved yet until March 31. I respect your criticism about my blog entry. So let’s find out!


The 10 Controversial Computer Games in History

We love to play computer games regardless of age and gender. We used to stimulate our senses by solving the problem or just to have fun. However, there are some games that are not suitable for minors, not funny at all, and not entertaining. Also, there are some games that affects to other people and affects the morality of an individual. Here are the list of 10 controversial computer games in history.

1. Death Race (1976) – This game was inspired by 1975 movie Death Cult 2000 by Paul Bartel and Exidy made that coin-op video game. The controversial broke out for the first time in United States because that game was sick and morbid. Death Race is composed of one or two players with steering wheel and acceleration pedestal. The objective is to run down the “gremlins” who were fleeing in the vehicle. As a player hit them, they would scream or squeal and to replace on-screen by tombstones. This increased the challenge of the game as the screen cluttered up and the player had to avoid the tombstones.

2. Mortal Kombat (1992) – Mortal Kombat is one of the best-selling fighting game. Despite the popularity, critics raised an attention regarding the flawless victory is awful. Too much blood, gory finishes and morbid attacks. Those horrible end-game that make you shock for young gamers. This violent game was raised to the congress and led to creation of the body for gaming evaluation and suitable ages called ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

3. Doom (1993, PC) – Doom is the first-person computer game in PC. Because of that shooting game became realistic, religious groups criticized as murderous gaming act. It showed violent, gore and satanic imagery gaming. They said that gamers may imitate the realistic of killing people. It happend at Columbine High School in 1999 when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold sparked a massacre because they imitate “Doom” gaming that led to 12 students and a teacher were killed while 23 victims were wounded. Harris and Klebold committed suicide after the incident. Doom voted as “#1 game of all time” by 100 game developers and journalists conducted by GameSpy in July 2001. Also, Doom became the most influential game of all time in April 2004.

4. Postal (1997, PC) – That name of a game as a slang for homicides was angered by US Postal Service employees. They sued Ripcord Games (publisher of Postal) and Running with Scissors (developer of Postal) for trademark infringement.

5. Grand Auto Theft: San Andreas (2004, Playstation 2) – “Hot Coffee mod” broke out because of sexually explicit contents. The video game legislation entered into that issue for the recall of re-rating of GAT: San Andreas, which given to AO (adult only) instead of M (mature) in July 2005.

6. Resistance: Fall of Man (2006, Playstation 3) – This first-person shooter game is one of the main highlight for PS3. However, the Manchester Cathedral used in the setting of RFoM was a huge controversy. Cathedral officials accused Sony as desecration of Manchester Cathedral, which may imitate violence and gun problem for the gamers. Sony Entertainment Europe was pressured by protesters and clergies of Manchester Cathedral for apology. Even former British Prime Minister Tony Blair commented that though companies should have more responsibility and sensitivity to the feelings of others, the issue would be immensely difficult. While the controversy heated up, the sales reached 2 million copies.

7. Manhunt 2 (2007; Playstation 2, PSP, Wii) – Violence and brutality act would interact for Wii players. Computer game critics were concerned about the game content. Manhunt 2 received the ESRB rating of AO but in some countries like UK and Ireland, it was officially banned. Also, Manhunt 2 received low scores and low sales.

8. Mass Efect (2007, Xbox 360) – Fox News segment “The Live Desk with Martha McCallum” and psychologist Cooper Lawrence discussed about Mass Effect, including sex scenes. McCallum and Lawrence admitted that they don’t play that game. When EA heard about them, they offended. EA requested for correction on “serious errors” from Fox News in open letter. Cooper Lawrence retracted her statement in interview. Game community offended for Lawrence.

9. LittleBigPlanet (2008, Playstation 3) – Last October 17, 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced for the worldwide recall of LittleBigPlanet. The reason is one of a song in a game included a sacred passage from Quran which angered by Muslims. Few days before the release, Sony made an immediate recall. The sales performance was dramatically improved during holiday season and the game critics made a very positive remarks.

10. Resident Evil 5 (2009; Xbox 360, Playstation 3) – The story of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar (as players) are about to battle against undead monsters set in an African country. This latest horror action game series accussed of racism. A white protagonist shoots against black zombies. Jun Takeuchi, chief producer of Resident Evil 5, was surprised about this controversy but he denied it. But according to Sue Clark, Head of Communications at British Board of Film Classification said, “We do take racism very seriously, but in this case there is no issue around racism.” Despite this controversy, Resident Evil 5 was shipped to 4 million copies worldwide.


Left 4 Dead

left4deadLeft 4 Dead is a brand new interactive shooting game to attack zombies around the corner. It’s a combination of movie and gaming concept. The graphic of that game became more realistic and awesome! Also, you can cooperate up to 4 players for a bloody battle. Single player can do but you felt like practicing the game.

The story of 4 human who were immune to zombie virus and they’ll battle against zombies for their salvation. Those are: Zoey, a young woman; Bill, the grizzled veteran; Louis, the middle-class office worker; and Francis, the biker. They’re armed with weapons.

You have 4 scenarios to prepare. You can finish the whole scenario in 20-30 minutes if you’re in normal mode. But in higher difficult play, you will beaten by zombies easily. It will start over again or the last safehouse you reached. The good thing is you can play those scenarios repeatedly. For the Versus mode, you can fight out with your players for a competition. Either human or zombie will rule for the bloody match. The most number of points will win.

Left 4 Dead is an excellent combination of Hollywood action-horror flick and gaming experience. It is a superb multiplayer action that you will make fun. However, it’s not suited for the weak hearts to fight hard.