The nature of earthquake

Earthquake is the movement of 2 plates on the crust of our planet and it bursts out the energy immediately. It can detect the magnitude of earthquake using the Mercalli scale. It’s a natural phenomenon or possibly caused by humans. Volcanic eruption, aftershock or tsunami, as additional warning to the community,  may occur after the natural earthquake.

We cannot predict precisely when the earthquake will come but preparation is always the best thing for safety.  Until now, scientists are still searching for the answer about the definite time of calamity occur.

Like what happen in L’Aquila in Italy as the latest. On midnight of April 6, an earthquake hit. Most of the Middle Age landmarks were devastated. 150 people were died. The search for those victims from buried debris are still going on. Condolences received from Pope Benedict XVI and leaders from around the world.

There are some countries may struck earthquake. In terms of magnitude, the highest scale was 9.5. It happend in Valdivia, Chile on May 22, 1960. Only 5,700 people were died. Tsunami followed after the event. Huge wave crossed along the Pacific Ocean and affected other countries. In Shannxi, China last January 1556, there are fearfully 830,000 fatalities because of possible landslides and poor foundation of their establishments. It was the deadliest earthquake in the history.

Safety, alertness and preparation are the best thing to survive in case there’s an earthquake.


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