The Segway PT

ginger-groupSegway PT is a double-wheeled self-balancing electric wheel. It was invented by Dean Kamen and produced by Segway Inc. based in New Hampshire, USA.

Balancing is set for Segway when you’re in upright position and it controlled by computer and motor. The user can go forward, backward or turn using the “Leen Steer” handlebar. The speed of Segway is up to 12.5 miles per hour or 20.1 kilometers per hour. Balancing technology controls by Gyroscopic sensor, which it is used to detect tilting of a device, stands to a departure from perfect balance.

The success of Segway is one of a useful transportation for police departments, military bases, warehouses, corporate campuses or industrial sites.  However, that single-person transporter can adapt as a motor vehicle, which depends on legal system on road. Helmet is one requirement to wear for the user from possible accidents.

Dean Kamen’s invention launched in 2001 for testing operation and released into the public on the following year. Despite the success sale of single-person computer vehicle, Segway made a recall for patch software and hardware improvements. Last May 2006, the municipality of Chicago signed the 5-year contract with $580,000 deal, which purchased 100 Segway GTs, accessories, replacement parts and repair services. The problem to Segway Inc. was not profitable because of two reasons: the recession struck in US and the rest of the world; and the sales record of only 30,000 units from 2001 to 2007.


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