Top Ten Popular Dog Breeds

According to AKC (American Kennel Club), there are 160 recognized dog breeds in the list to this date. Dog owners are responsible for taking care of dogs as a pet or guard, inside and outside of the house. Sometimes dogs trained for security and emergency purposes, such as sniffing for suspicious items, to attack those criminals or to save the life of an individual. Everybody knows that dog is “man’s best friend”. Here are the latest top ten popular dog breeds in the US and why is it popular:

1. Retriever Labrador


Retriever Labrador is very popular breed in US and the world because it has a unique traits such as exceptionally affable, gentle, intelligent, energetic, sociable and good nature. Aside for good characteristic of Labrador, it is a good companion for people of all ages!

2. Yorkshire Terrier


In terms of Toy group, Yorkshire Terrier is awesome to take care that pet. Despite the long silky coat, it is highly energetic, very protective and loyal to their family. It is a good companion for the single or elderly person.

3. German Shepherd


A popular dog breed from Germany shows the strength, intelligence and obedience. German Shepherd is the part of police and military services worldwide for strong detection of victims in case of calamity, sniffing illegal elements for the crime or to attack enemies.

4. Retriever Golden


Like Golden Labrador, Golden Retriever is good companion for nature hunters. It is capable to swim and he can retrieve anything undamaged because of the soft mouth.

5. Beagle


Snoopy, from the comic strip “Peanuts”, is very popular character as promoting another English breed of dog to the world called “Beagle”. Beagle is suitable for hunters (for rabbit), quarantines and sometimes, for testing. Despite being temper and hard prone to health problems, it barks loudly when intruders are present.

6. Boxers


This combination breed of English Bulldog and extincted Bullenbeisser from Germany shows friendly to pet owner, agile, alert, strong, and suspicious to strangers. Aside for companion at home, Boxers also exercise for police and military activities.

7. Dachshunds


This short-legged and elongated body animal breed can hunt, chase and seize burrow-dwelling animals. Pet owners described Dashshund as “sausage dog”, which is popular in some cities of US and other parts of the world.

8. Bulldog


Bulldog is strong, temper and sociable pet. It was originated from England. Bulldog became popular in US for movies and television as a popular culture, even in universities and schools as mascots.

9. Poodle


Another popular dog from Germany is “Poodle”. It is intelligent, obedient and agile pet. Aside from strong skills in sports, Poodle is always honor during the dog shows, which it shows a “fashionable” pet. Notable celebrities and media carry with their popular Poodle to promote their one of excellent breed of dog.

10. Shih Tzu


It is also known as “Lion Dog” or “Chrysanthemum Dog”. Shih Tzu is one of an adorable pet, which originated from China. Pet owners of Shih Tzu require to maintain his or her pet’s health, including groominess and feeding, because of long coat.


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