Hints about Sony PS3 announcement

sony_playstation_3On March 31, Sony will announce worldwide regarding the PS3. Playstation 3 enthusiasts are circulating rumors about that announcement. No leaks found while I’m searching for details of spreading news. Let’s enumerate what are the hints (only in my opinion or guessing but don’t criticize about this):

1. Sony Playstation 3 may cut the price at $99 (?). Commonly what gamers say. The sales of PS3 were somewhat bad because customers can’t afford to buy PS3. It would be a strategy to attract gamer enthusiasts to purchase PS3 to regain the market. Maybe the same for PSP and PS2.

2. Possible upgrade of firmware or components (?). Despite the excellent graphics for PS3, there would be some changes or improvements for hardware and software.

3. Possible recall of PS3 (?). Maybe there’s a possible defect to one of the components of PS3. Until now there’s no news knew about the PS3 bust or hazard to gamers.

4. Possible integration of PSP and Sony Ericsson or other inventions to release in the market(?). Maybe there’s some endless innovation produced by Sony for launching a concept to integrate for PS3. The slimmer version of PS3 may launch.

5. Possible nightmare for Sony employees (?). In the wake of financial crisis that struck worldwide, fears and anxiety are the emotion from the employees of Sony. They’re facing uncertainity that lies in the future of the leading Japanese electronic industry. Families of their employees may affect their lives.

6. Possible slowdown of PS3 production (?). Sony may slowdown the PS3 production because of low orders worldwide, which affects the economic crisis.

These 6 answers are just guessing game but not proved yet until March 31. I respect your criticism about my blog entry. So let’s find out!


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