World’s 10 Famous Trains

In world of transportation, train is one of the fastest transportation in the land. Depending on the destination that it travels by the guide of a pair of rail steels. It operates from steam locomotion to the electric and magnetic application. There is a beginning and the end of destination as it could reach by. Over the past 180 years, train continues to innovate for improvement. Safety travel to commuters and faster delivery of commodities or items are the key to efficiency of travel. Here are the 10 famous trains that became remarkable in the world history of transportation:

1. Orient Express


Stretching from Paris to Istanbul, Orient Express started the operation in 1883. It travels 6 countries with the cooperation of 10 different railroads. Why is it famous? Diplomats, royalty or government couriers are the passengers and they served for the 5 course French meals. During World War II, the Orient Express operation was halted and it resumed after the war. In 1962, the service became limited in the height of Cold War and Iron Curtain.

2. Peruvian Central Railway


Peruvian Central Railway started in 1895 and it is the highest railway in the world. Travelling from La Oroya to Lima, the train climbs up to 13,000 feet. It passes 66 tunnels and 59 bridges. Zigzags and the steepness of the mountain are included on those obstacles. Doctors are on-board for commuters had a problem in breathing on a high altitude and they’ll give them oxygen.

3. Trans-Siberian Express


It built in 1889 and the operation began in 1898. Trans-Siberian Express is the longest railway trip in the world, stretching at 9228 kilometer or 5772 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok. The travel time is up to 9 days as the maximum. Nowadays, Russia and Japan are negotiating for the efficient train, possibly using Shinkansen (shall inform this later).  The purpose of that negotiation is to deliver goods more efficiently instead of delivering by sea and to shorten the time travel.

4. 20th Century Limited


20th Century Limited was an express passenger train. It was operated in 1902. It travels from New York to Chicago, passing on the Hudson River and the shores of Lake Erie included. That train became famous in the world. But in 1967, the 20th Century Limited operation was ended. Currently, Amtrak operates on New York-Chicago route.

5. Flying Scotsman


Traveling from London to Edinburgh, Flying Scotsman was the express passenger train. When the train operation began in 1928, it was the non-stop train. Inside the Flying Scotsman, there’s a hairdress salon, King Louis XIV’s restaurant and bar style and a cinema coach. Nowadays, Flying Scotsman was operating by National Express East Coast.

6. Super Chief


Super Chief was one of the named passenger trains and the flagship of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. It was often referred to as “The Train of the Stars” because of the many celebrities who traveled on the streamliner between Chicago and Los Angeles, and vice versa. The maiden operation was the year 1936. But in 1971, it turned over to Amtrak.

7. Blue Train


It is one of the luxurious train in the world since 1939. Traveling 1600 kilometers or 1000 miles between Pretoria and Cape Town. Additional television and telephone applied in 1997 for better comfort of those passengers.

8. Bullet Train


It is also known as “Shinkansen” in Japanese, which literally means “New Trunk Line”. It operates by Japan Railway Group from 1964. That train started at 210 km/h connecting the network of cities on the island of Honshu and Kyushu. The Shinkansen improvement began in 1970s for faster travel time until the application of maglev (magnetic levitation) in 2003 that it became a world breaking speed record of 581 km/h! No fatalities recorded for that train until now! In the event if there’s an earthquake, the train will stop quickly.

9. Indian Pacific


The first national train operated in 1970, connecting between Sydney and Perth at 2461 miles or 4352 kilometers. The trip takes 65 hours, covering 3 Australian states. That route has the world’s longest stretch of straight track, which lasts for 297 miles.

10. TGV


TGV stands for “train à grande vitesse”. The French translation for “high-speed train”. That train uses only the electric system. From 1960s to 1980s, French engineers developed TGV. French government supported for that project in 1976. In 1981, TGV was serviceable to the public and traveling from Paris to Lyon. Improvement on TGV continues. The speed of TGV aimed at 574 km/h in 2007, second to Japan. Until now, TGV journey stretches into Marseille and outside France.


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