Understanding the WCDMA

I. General Understanding

WCDMA (the acronym for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is the exchange of voice, SMS and MMS over the air with the addition of mobile multimedia operation such as: (1) Music; (2) Video and television; (3) Entertainment contents; and (4) Internet access. Popularly known as 3G or Third Generation. WCDMA is the part of third-generation mobile communications systems.

II. Brief History of Development

The development of 3G technology started in the late 90’s by Nokia of Finland and NTT DoCoMo of Japan to test the connectivity of data communications over the air until they started to introduce that mobile concept into the market. Other mobile operators from around the world followed to obtain the license of 3G operation. The 3G developers continued to improve the technical concept, specially for Internet operation.

III. WCDMA Users and Guides

Only in Japan and South Korea have a pure 3G signal operation. Other countries are relying on GSM and mixed with WCDMA. As a tourist for those mentioned countries, make sure that your cellphone is 3G compatible. Check the website of an electronic company then check the specification of your mobile model unit is 3G compatible or not. You may activate it to 3G of your local SIM in your cellphone before entering to Japan or South Korea or else your mobile may not receive SMS or call.

For those who don’t have 3G mobile units, you may rent a mobile phone to the nearest airport, cellphone shops or even to the convenience store. However, in Japan, you may required to subscribe for the mobile service.

IV. Links for Reference

Here’s the link that will help you if you’re in Japan: http://euc.jp/misc/cellphones.en.html

Also in Korea: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/RE/RE_EN_1_2_1_1.jsp

The reference of mobile signals worldwide: http://www.yeedong.com/product.asp?pid=154


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